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Lifestile is a registered charity (number 1100898) in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. While many organisations are looking to close down due to lack of traditional funding, we are looking to continue as an online, virtual based organisation. We have also decided to establish three separate and constitutionally independent organisations under a common lifestile brand. These will be lifestile community, lifestile associates and lifestile manifesto. We refer to this as  lifestiles ‘three parents’. Each parent to help facilitate and develop new groups and organisations.

 Proposed ideas for projects include a cloud based radio news and citizens journalism project, (its the media), a youth project for the under 25s (workidz), a cloud based community network, provisionally called the New Community Empowerment network (NewCEN), an accreditation, moderation and assessment project called community credit certificates (three-c), and enterprise project called easyenterprise, and a homeless project called homefull.

Lifestile Community

This will continue as the charity and will be involved in training and education for the community to help and support community development.

Lifestile Associates

This will develop into a community interest company (CiC). This will provide services for the community, and we hope to set up several of them over time connected with various community interests., And the use of open source and crowd sourcing as a development tool. This will help people out of poverty using and developing news ideas.

Lifestile Manifesto

This will be political campaigning and research arm - this will also develop a community based ‘think tank’, provisionally called ‘ifonly’. We will develop several documents, including a manifesto for the help and support of the community. We will campaign for our ideas, and may even look into setting up an independent political party.

We are not only looking for help to develop our projects, we also want to help community groups and enterprises. We may refer you to other group if we cannot help within the network.

The future belongs to us

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